Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

After the egg hunt we spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing with family. The Smiths and Woodburys spent the night Friday and we enjoyed a delish dinner and lots of quality cousin time. 

Nannie brought matching PJs for everyone, which is tricky with our broad range of sizes.

Aunt Sarah and Coyt. 
Lots of love for this amazing auntie!!
And this amazing lady too!! Can you feel the calm?
Big kiss, and maybe a busted lip.
We made resurrection rolls on Sat. morning.

Then we got dolled up in more orange and were off to support Stacey III and the Orioles at their first baseball game of the season.

Charades with a few fans.
Our incredible sponsor. ;) ;) This is Stacey's company and we are very grateful for their willingness to support our team this season!
That night we played some games with the grown ups and enjoyed nothing but the finest ice in our beverages.
That's how we roll...get it roll...cause it's an ice ball??
Sunday morning we woke up and were ready to celebrate the miracle of our saviors resurrection!!!! I LOVE THIS DAY!

Bountiful baskets.
Excited boys!
This singing bunny just cracked me up and I wasn't the only one that found him to be entertaining. "I think I hear a bunny coming."
I didn't get a picture but the thing they were most excited about in their baskets was a rubber band ball, literally a ball of rubber bands. They had seen them at HEB and apparently had to have one.

Recreating a little picture from 2006.
Stacey's first Easter.

We snapped a few pictures before church.

Everyone was perfect of course.

Oh Wyatt, this booty dancer is also the one that when asked what you say when someone says, "He is Risen!" on Easter morning replied. Everybody dance now? Yikes.

After church we were off to Honey and GPs with the other side of the family for a delicious lunch and egg hunt. 
Aunt Kacey giving C some loving.

Honey had specific instructions making it fun for even our biggest hunters

These two stuck together like two peas in a pod and even shared a basket, their own choice.

This little bit melts me.
Apparently I'm not the only adoring fan. A few kisses for Caroline.
You're getting hotter...
one more smooch

Sweet loves!!!!
After the hunt Honey let all the kids redeem their eggs for all sorts of fun prizes. Great idea MOM!! Sorry the only picture I got of you and your adoring grandchildren was this one. :(
What a great weekend with all of our family!!


Everybody dance now.

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