Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday Boy

Well it has happened again. Another birthday has taken another boy into yet another year!! Not sure how it keeps happening SO FAST but my precious Wyatt Purdy Smith is SIX!!

I took a note from pinterest and set up a balloon avalanche. Since Stacey is usually my early riser I told him the night before to make sure Wyatt opened the door and I could here him on the other side saying, "Wyatt YOU have to open the doe and SOMETHING is going to happen!!" :)
A few decorations, birthday hats on all his pictures
Birthday banner and a few gifts (he was having a Lego party at our house the next day so you'll notice a theme)


Birthday breakfast
A few presents.

Birthday book.
This cutie just pours over these big books with so much Lego inspiration!
And some CRAZY good morning wake up hair from the Cs.
You would think we had been playing with the balloon static but I promise it was all natural!
I took brownies to Wyatt's class per the birthday boys request. Pretty random with a green 6 but it worked.
Look who got moved up to the 6 year old level!
Just a little excited.

They had just gotten done with Mileage Club so he was a wee bit sweaty!
"Wyatt, show me your new shoes." - POW, you ask for it, you got it, Turning. It. ON!
We finished up the day with dinner at five guys in honor of his fleeting 5th year ;) and turned the page to SIX!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little nugget, and count it one of my four greatest privileges that I get to be his Mommy!!

Happy Happy Birthday Wy-Guy!!!

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