Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Never thought I'd be cheering for the New York Yankees, but Stacey III started coach pitch with Midway Little League this season so for the past several months we have been doing A LOT of just that. He has LOVED baseball and had a great season. His coaches worked tirelessly with these boys and taught him a TON about the game.

The first time he put on those XS baseball pants I about melted. :) 
 Fan club

These monkeys were a handful at the games but mastered walking over the course of the season and got much easier to entertain. The ring around the bathtub after games was testimony to good times in the dirt. And, thanks to Honey and GP they got to stay home for most of the late games.
We were in 2nd place at the end of the season and got to go on the the City Championship. I was thrilled for the boys but not so thrilled that we were going to keep playing and practicing. :) However, Stacey loved playing in the tournament and it was actually a good experience.

Spirit lets here it!

Stacey III was number 3 and for most of the season played 3rd base. Love it :)
 Precious little baseballer through the chain-link fence

 Practice, Practice, Practice

 Batter Up. Not going to lie you feel a lot of pressure for them when they step up to bat. It's intense!!

Can't thank these coaches enough for all the hours they spent pitching, teaching and training. They were not messing around and their methods payed off with a great season.
 Bahama Bucks to celebrate a job well done!

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Miranda said...

As a former (12 year) Midway Softball Little Leaguer....I LOVE THIS POST. And he is to stinkin cute in those pants. ;)