Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Mini Graduate

Stacey III had a FANTASTIC year in Kindergarten. Thanks in no small part to an amazing school and an incredible teacher. He had A LOT of changes in his six year old world this year and I am so thankful that God orchestrated all the details, including a move and financial provision, allowing him to be at Woodway Christian. It wasn't even a blip on our radar last year as we attended Kindergarten registration in Richardson, but as usual His plans are often better than my own. :)

What better way to honor our hummingbird than with a candy graham. 
I know Kindergarten graduation isn't really a big deal but you don't have to twist my arm too hard for a reason to celebrate.
 I could have just eaten him up in his little tie - cutie pie.

 Big fan
 Honey doin' her thing
 I mean come on, how sweet is it that his grandmother is the principal!!
They sang some awesome songs and quoted scripture. I know I have said it before but here is just something SO moving about kids hiding God's word in their hearts!!
Each graduate was given an award and a corresponding scripture. Stacey received the "Integrity Award" for being honest and trustworthy. Makes a momma pretty proud. :)

His verse was Psalm 25:21"May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you."

Oh how I pray he continues to grow into a man of integrity putting his hope in the Lord.
 Hugs from Honey

Mrs. Sims, his incredibly gifted teacher.  She is so calm and patient (two qualities sadly not at the top of my gifted list) and taught Stacey SO much this year. He LOVES her and the only reason I'm not begging her to go with him to first grade is knowing Wyatt might have her next year.
 High five

 For a special snack we made some graduation hats.
 Not sure if Kindergarten is ready for Wyatt ;).

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Katy said...

The integrity award?? I mean is there even anything better?? Way to go, Stacey III and way to go, Mom :)