Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day

I had the absolute best Mother's Day this year. There is NOTHING that I am more thankful for, other than Jesus Christ himself, than the Lord allowing me to be a Mother. I didn't earn it and I don't deserve it but for some reason he saw fit to bless me with these four boys and it is my great privilege to be there mother!! It is hard and I fall short as often as often as I succeed but I love love love being a Mommy!!!

I started off my weekend with a Mother's Day Brunch given by the preschoolers at Woodway Christian. Wyatt bestowed this beautiful corsage on me and presented me with gifts galore!!

Favorite Food: Salad (yeah right, but at least he has seen me eat it. ;))
Favorite TV Show: Baylor Sports (WHAT?? Wreck em Tech - Waco, you are brainwashing my children! ;))
Favorite Book: She doesn't have one (So maybe Mommy reads more People Magazines than books and maybe some mommies got Bible answered on this one, yowza ;))
Favorite Place to Shop: HEB (Oh the sweet limited perspective of 5 year-olds, Anthro, why No, I think I'll choose HEB.)
Things that make Mommy happy: When our house is done (Now we're talking, this boy KNOWS his Mommy!)
 I think he had babies on the brain, not sure if he is an infant or if he drew himself in utero.
 Sweet love. They song lots of fabulous songs and I loved every minute of it.
On actual Mother's Day Dad and the boys cooked lunch and we gathered at Mom and Dad's to celebrate.
Honey opening some gifts. What a blessing to have a Mother that I LOVE so much!!! I have learned and I am still learning so much from you.
I am so lucky to get to be a Mommy with my amazing sisters. I COULD NOT do it without them!!
But I saved the best for last. Stacey III was SO proud and excited to give me his gifts. He guarded his backpack all weekend full of secret treasure for me. Sunday morning he couldn't wait one more second to give me these precious gifts.

First a framed picture of "When You Thought I Wasn't Looking" adorned with his precious kindergarten handprints.
I know you can't read it but it is such a sweet poem and had me tearing up. 

Then a little book all about me. I know it is a lot of pics and explanations, but I want to remember this precious gift and heaven knows the book probably won't make it through the long haul.
This is a picture of us at the movie, Chimpanzee. A few weeks prior I was trying to take advantage of Debbie having the babies (a shout out to the other AMAZING mother in my life!!) and picked up Stacey a few minutes early from school for a surprise trip to the movies with my big boys.
 That is Stacey, Wyatt and Daddy in the little car and me waving goodbye in the morning.

Stacey III might be the pickiest most frustrating eater in the universe so this picture of me making him spaghetti and him saying I am good at cooking really hit the right note with me!
 Because all the great cooks are making spaghetti and eggos. :)
 You bet!
 This is a picture of me helping Stacey put on his soccer socks.

Sometimes helping put on socks that he should be able to put on himself for the 10th time, fighting through endless dinners with picky eaters, making eggos in my zombie morning state, getting the boys out the door for school every morning, letting baseball dominate our routine for a few months, and even trying to make something special out of the little things, like a trip to the movies, can be exhausting and sometimes leaves me feeling defeated. But this little reminder that he sees and even appreciates some of the little things that make up our days just made my cup runeth over. :)

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Perfect post!! You are an amazing mommy:)