Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My husband has been not so subtly telling the boys they should buzz their hair. You may recall the surprise double baby buzz a few months ago. Thankfully, instead of taking matters into his own hands while I was out, he just prompted Stacey and Wyatt to ask me over and over and over again if they could paaaaallleeeeaaaasssse get a buzz. After several hundred requests I caved and said they could buzz it as soon as school was out. So you better believe the first day of summer they were amped up for a new do by none other than hair style guru (if you consider a hairstyle that can be achieved in the backyard stylish), Daddy.


It's never going to be my favorite look, but they're still pretty darn cute. :) And I will say not having to brush their hair after showers or in the morning has been nice. It is much cooler in the heat of summer to be hairless. And, no question, the anticipation and thrill of the haircut alone were worth a summer of baldies.

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