Monday, May 21, 2012

Orange you proud!!

Last weekend we wrapped up Stacey's III's soccer season with the Headhunters. Not gonna lie I think we were all relived it was over!! Stacey loves soccer but the jump to a new team of mostly new players and a new league with a much bigger field and real positions and defense and (fill in the blank with your own soccer lingo that i am completely ignorant of) left the Headhunters pretty outmatched and therefore regularly defeated. Did I say "regularly" defeated, what I meant was they were undefeated in defeats. Stacey was used to scoring pretty easily so you can imagine that scoring one goal all season left him less than enthused. Although that particular game was EXTRA sweet because of it! Of course it is the one game I missed all season - stink! 

Soccer, I'm sure it won't be long before you reclaim out Saturday's but until then know this: we plan to stay away long enough to miss you and when we return you better be ready cause the boys in orange will be bringing their A game...otherwise we may have to start drinking on Sat. mornings. ;)
We celebrated with an end of season pizza party. The coaches talked about each players strengths and were very encouraging to their perfect band of misfits. 

Notice Stacey's "after soccer" shoes. A special gift from Daddy, who said he always thought they were so cool and wanted a pair when he played soccer. Like father like son. After every game Stacey couldn't wait to slip into his awesome "after soccer" shoes. They seemed to help sooth the defeat just a little. :)
That same afternoon another orange super star, the Wy-Guy, had his TOTs Shinetime end of the year performance. At the beginning of the year he wasn't too sure about TOTs but as it continued he started to really LOVE Wednesdays and his time at TOTS. And, since Wyatt didn't play a sport this season i was thrilled for him to have his own special something!

An adoring fan.

And the best part, making every minute of both TOTS and Soccer through good times and bad the best thing that EVER happened to either of these fellas...Trophies!!!!
Is there anything better when you are a 5 or 6 year old little boy than a TROPHY??

Well, except maybe that wristband Wyatt is sporting, because trust it has not come off since. :)

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Katy said...

precious orange boys!!

here's a soccer word for ya: STRIKER!!!!