Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Visitors from the UK!!

Last month the Woodburys were back in the US of A from London for an extended visit. We LOVED having them around and the boys loved playing with their cousins. They've made the trek back overseas and we are missing them terribly. Thankfully it won't be too long (just a year) before they are back for good.

Shelley is great behind the camera so I was really lazy about taking pictures and have "borrowed" lots of hers for this post.

Nannie and all her grand babies.
Truey showing some love

Stacey's running dive

Sarah and Brylie

Uncle Geoff
These two are thick as thieves. Wyatt told Stacey III that he wanted to marry Brylie. So cute. We told him he had excellent taste, but explained that you can't marry your cousin. ;)
The last weekend before Shelley and the kids headed back (Geoff was already there) we went to lake LBJ with the whole family for the weekend.

Nannie and her Alpha grandson.
Big and Coyt
Crew Cutie
Sorry Coyt I think your hat is a little small - ha!
Twin talk

Time to hit the lake, sorry about the pink jacket Truett.

Slip and slide!

Going double duty for dinner
Ahhh, Sarah & Nannie soaking up some R&R
"Look Mom, No Hands!"

The mud spot is a favorite.
While we were at the lake we had a little photo shot with the kids. Always a challenge to get six under six to do anything, but I thought Shelley captured some keepers. These are a few of my favorites.

Sigh...missing you guys so much, can't wait for your next visit!!


Katy said...

Y'all got some really great shots of the cousins! I'm impressed! And---I've got Brylie's back because I was always the Lone Ranger girl in a SEA of boy cousins. It was SO much fun. I loved every second. :)

Anonymous said...

The last 2 pictures of Wyatt and Stacey are a-mazing. I love the one above those with Crew and Coyt on the bottom. PRECIOUS!!!! I miss these guys!