Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cowboy's Life Is The Life For Me

* This post is WAY out of order, and seriously delayed,
I wrote it several months ago but I wanted to wait until
I could include the video, and then it just slipped through
the cracks. Better late than never right? *

I couldn't help but take a little stroll down memory lane with my cutie pie cowboy...

Last month at the Parkway Hills Little Britches Rodeo (or Radio as III kept calling it - hehe) Stacey III had his singing debut in a quartet of precious cowpokes!!

When I got the note home saying that he had ben selected for a solo I'm not going to lie, I was VERY surprised.

And just as an additional scene setter that particular week I was drowning a little bit in babies and a staph infection for Wyatt which required horrible tasting medicine three times a day and extra baths and bandage changes yadda yadda yadda. Oh yes, and Wyatt's birthday was the same day as the rodeo and now I was also supposed to make sure Mr. stage fright didn't freeze up on stage. I know boo hoo poor me, just saying, I was already feeling very "Calgon take me away"!!!

Now at home III is the next American Idol, but in front of a crowd he tends to be very shy. I always loved performing (I know no one is shocked that I have a flare for the dramatic) but Stacey (Daddy) on the other had will throw up just thinking about getting up in front of a crowd. And I think I had just sort of unknowingly assumed that performing wasn't going to be III's cup of tea either. However, I just love that Mrs. Jerry loves him enough to see that little spark of leadership and wanted to challenge him. I think sometimes I am too quick to categorize my kids instead of looking for ways they can stretch themselves and explore all the possibilities. I know I sound way to serious to be talking about this tiny little thing (especially when you see how unserious it was!) but, it was a good little Mommy life lesson for me.
We played the practice CD on a nonstop loop for several days and by the time the rodeo rolled around he was ready.
First there were the rodeo relays
Then the cowgirls and cowboys gathered around the campfire. And then it was time...OK buddy here goes!!!

I could not have been any prouder!!!! Stacey III you are a precious little cow-poke and super singer. Forgive me for underestimating your star potential. ;)

(please excuse a little technical difficulty with the microphone)


Shannon said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Way to go Stacey! I know you made your mommy and daddy so very proud!

Katy said...

GSGD all the way, baby!!! Future performer!! :)

Seriously, though, how precious is that??? Oh my goodness. darling!

angie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! SuperSTAR! I loved how big his smile was. This is AWESOME. Way to go SRS III. So proud of you buddy!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Well surprise me! Finally got around to watching this - so precious! Love the moving posts - need to call and see how the change has been!