Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sherrill Park Junior Golf Camp

A few weeks ago Stacey III got to go to golf camp courtesy of Big and Nannie. It was a week long camp from 8 to 12. Stacey was the littlest one of the 15 or so kids there and didn't know anyone going so I was just a little nervous for him. But there was no need for nerves, he did great and loved every minute of it!

When I pulled up to pick him up the first day, he was out on the putting green and I about exploded because he looked so darn cute out there in his little golf get up. Even though he was the youngest one he looked so grown up and I was so proud of how independent and confident he was.

I know I'm his mother so I am a bit biased, but stop it with the tiny golfer preciousness!!

Just a little clip for ESPN when he is on the tour ;).

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