Thursday, July 7, 2011

God Bless America!

We spend almost every fourth of July at the lake with my family and it is a tradition that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It's what we did when we were kids and I love watching my own kids enjoy lots of the same traditional activities.
We came in early on Thursday afternoon with Honey and GP and got to enjoy the calm lake before it got crazy. The C's got to enjoy their first boat ride. We were scrounging for some tiny flotation devices. Sorry Crew-Dog you got stuck in the girls beach league. Coyt is taunting you but his get up isn't exactly awesome either.
If they weren't already, after this month the bigs are officially lake lovers.
Crazy boat hair.
The lake house is full of quilts and I thought this one framed my precious little bits just perfectly.

Trying out some new teeny tiny flip flops.
I think he likes them.
One night while the grill was still hot from a delicious rib dinner we made s'mores.
The traditional Aqua Boom fireworks show over the water was scheduled for Monday night, but we all had to head out on the 4th so we were going to miss it. We checked the paper for other shows and decided to take the big kids on Sat. night to the fireworks show in Marble Falls.

Well, little did we know that it was a private show. So after finagling our way past the guard we rolled up, no makeup, fresh from the lake, kids already in PJ's thinking we were going to be sitting in a parking lot in our lawn chairs only to find ourselves in a full on country club par-tay, people dressed to the nines, white tables and chairs, live band, open bar etc. Needless to say we felt like we were just a tad bit conspicuous!!!! Oh my goodness we had some good laughs and thankfully it got dark fairly quickly.

Here's Angie and the ragamuffin gang.
A little DC never hurt anyone.
Wyatt getting his (water) guns up.
This little man is a M-E-S-S!!
Stacey and Ryan playing some water air hockey.
Coyt and Crew taking a dip in the baby pool.

They are such serious swimmers, I can't seem to capture a smile.
Kacey and Josh brought their projector and put on a movie night. So fun!! The kids watched Cars and then the after bedtime the grownups watched True Grit.
More fun on the Skibob, Airplane, Rocket, Spitfire - whatever you want to call it.
And of course lots of time out on the water.

On July 4th before everyone headed home we rinsed off all the lake water and got gussied up in our Red White and Blue best for a few family pictures. All the boys in our family (young and old) LOVE it when we do this - HA! ;) Thankfully they were willing to cooperate for a few pictures.

Our Cousin Crew of 8 under 8
Our cousin Miles and his girlfriend Amber had made it into town and were the designated photographers.

I sure do love these folks. :)

The Woods
The Warrens
The Smiths
It was a great Fourth of July weekend enjoying our family and celebrating our country and our freedom.


Kacey said...

It looks so calm and relaxing reading it in this post :) Even more fun in real life. Who needs sleep and quiet time? Good thing I love me some crazy cousin time!! Love getting to spend the 4th with your crew (the whole family..not just crew dog:)

The Junods said...

Oh goodness gracious. I loved this post! I can't imagine the craziness of the weekend which makes for great memories. Can't believe the fireworks party you crashed. Loved the red, white and blue pics. So worth the effort of getting ready. I really just can't believe the twins! So precious and growing so much. Can't wait to see you all in person!

PS we will be at BU bball camp next year for that fun! Amazing! Can't believe how adorable Wyatt was and especially with his 7 footer!