Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Hawaiian Falls Style

Since last summer our little kahuna, Stacey III, has wanted a birthday party at Hawaiian Falls. It is a great little water park that has all the bells and whistles you'd expect, wave pool, lazy river , slides, kids area etc., without being so huge that you're walking all over the place and waiting in line all day. And is is very family friendly. Is the PR dept. hiring? because apparently I have developed a few talking points for them!

He really wanted his BFF Ryan there and since I wasn't sure I was up to being responsible for a lot of kids in the water we stuck to a cousin invite list this year.

I know you'll be blown away with this original idea, ;) but we went with a pirate theme.

The invitation:

I found the liners and pirate flags at Michael's, but wanted to add a little treasure too. I was picturing the little treasure chests you get from the dentist office when you lose a tooth, and after a little searching found these at Mardels.

Some decor for the land-lubbers:
Personal treasure chests full of loot (snacks) for the never-land crew:

How could you not include this themetastic treat:
Birthday Boy!

The birthday book:

This book is precious, just perfect for my six year old pirate and soccer loving boy.
Stacey wasn't tall enough to do all the rides but these two rode this one over and over.
They rated it TOTALLY AWESOME!
This was more the girls speed.

Remember those pictures of the cupcakes from the beginning of this post? Well, I'm glad I snapped a few before we left because by the time we were ready to sing Happy Birthday they had melted into a giant mess. It was only 100+ degrees, can't imagine how that happened.

Six years old. Sigh...
No one seemed to mind the missing "sand" too much.
Besides, the candy treasure was the best part.
I was trying to get a little group shot when the giant bucket dropped and drenched everyone, sadly I missed the money shot of the actual soaking.
My boys love it, but Lila was not a fan of the surprise attack!
Nothing Mommy couldn't fix.
Thankfully Aunt Angie was there to solve the sunscreen crisis of 2011. She is so patient.
Aunt Sarah and her SIX-year-old nephew.
We are certainly blessed with some amazing sisters/aunts. Don't know what I'd do without them.
Don't know what I'd do without this precious boy either!!
Party favors:
Beach towels, pirates for the boys and mermaids for the girls.
After we had filled up on water park fun we headed back to Nannie and Bigs to retrieve the C's (Debbie and Aunt Margaret watched Coyt, Crew and Caroline during the party - THANK YOU!!!) and opened a few gifts.
It was a great day and most importantly III loved it.

My forward thinking party planner clone is already plotting for next year, he's requested a paint your own pottery party - HA!! He has very diverse interests for six!


Sarah said...

So darn cute! I love your creativity and making every detail extra special! And I can't believe he's six either. McKenzie turns six next week...crazy.

angie said...

We had a blast!! I think it was the perfect party:) SIX is such a fun age, love that boy SO much!

shannonmichaelis said...

Super cute! Love those cupcakes! Such a fun idea, and so great when you can leave and everything is already done for you. Looks like a fun place!