Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindergarten Round Up

It is hard for me to believe, but my biggest baby is going to be a kindergartner next year. We had Kindergarten Round Up last week and got to see his classroom and meet the teachers. I did not expect to be emotional about this, I mean hello, it is just kindergarten round up for heavens sake. So I was completely caught of guard as I was sitting with the other parents listening to the principal and thought I might lose it. I kept thinking of the scene in Father of the Bride where Steve Martin is thinking to himself "Who takes this woman...but she's not a woman, she just a little girl." You know the scene? And I was thinking to myself "But he's not a kindergartner, he is just my teeny tiny baby!"
This is how Wyatt felt about us leaving without him.

We drive by the school which is just across the street from us everyday so we've been talking to Stacey about it and pumping up his new school. The other day before we'd even been to roundup he told me, "I think the thing I'll like the most about my new school is the playground and the thing I'll like the least is missing Wyatt." Sweet brother.

Hi, yes, this is my oldest child and I am taking pictures. ;)

I could tell Stacey was a little nervous, but he seemed to warm up.
Stacey was very excited about the computers in the room and
of course the playground.
Slow. Down. Time.


Meg said...

that was totally me last yr. didn't give round-up much of a second thought and boo-hooed while i was there :(. i will say it is certainly hard at first but kindergarten has been a BLAST!! i think it's much harder on mama :(

Sarah said...

Sweet Wyatt...he's going to miss big brother!! I can't believe you have a kindergartner either!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Not. Ready. For. This!

Sweet big boy going off to school. Makes you want to stop time...

Shannon said...

Holly Molly.....when did that boy grow up? I know those feelings all too well. I would love to say it got easier the second time around, but it certainly did not! Wyatt is going to miss the heck out of him next year. Meg is so's much harder on mama (and siblings!) than the kindergartner! He will LOVE it!

Katy said...

Oh, Cary! That's so hard! (as if I've done it---no, but ours is in less than a month!) And I'm opposite---I've been dreading it because I KNOW I'll be the only parent there bawling. Maybe I'll have some crazy opposite reaction and bust out into hysterical laughter?? That would be better.

Anyway---so glad to see you both made it through with flying colors. How is it that we are at this point? I mean, wasn't I JUST at the hospital visiting you with your firstborn all the while having a secret bambino in my tum? :)