Saturday, April 16, 2011

Four Months Old!!

Crew: 11.15 pounds 23 3/4 inches
Coyt: 12 pounds 24 inches
Our sweet C's are four months old! They've closed the gap and are almost the exact same size. They are smiling all the time and starting to laugh a little too. Dr. Randles thought they looked identical for sure at their most resent appointment, so the jury is still out on identical vs. fraternal. We have officially moved them from co-sleeping in the bassinet in our room to their own beds in the nursery. They typically sleep one long stretch (on a good night) from 8:00ish to 2:00 and then eat every three to four hours the rest of the time. My little milkshakes are nursing exclusively (we were supplementing bottles at some feedings so not having to nurse and give bottles has made things much simpler) and I am so thankful!

This month has been a combination of absolute joy as we watch them come out of their infancy and see more of their tiny personalities developing while simultaneously struggling to overcome growing pains that come with learning how to take care of Coyt and Crew and give Stacey and Wyatt all the time and attention the need.

I got to sit down with a friend who is 30 weeks pregnant with twins and has two at home already and offer a little glimpse into this circus. Of course I told her how AMAZING it is and how the very sight of these two can bring me to tears of joy when I think about the incredible blessing and privilege it is to have twins and to be their mommy. But I also told her, this is hard!! And we by no means have it down or get it right all the time.


shannonmichaelis said...

Love that they soley nurse, sleep 6 hours through the night, and look identical!

Chrys and Mike said...

They could not be cuter! You're a rock star for nursing exclusively and for all those cute rolls on those boys. Doll babies!


Stacey said...

Gah! Look at those dimples!! I'm just reeling from all the cuteness in those babies.

I can't imagine the challenge of two + twins! But I know y'all are rock star parents and are doing an amazing job with your brood of boys.