Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Brother Treasure Hunt

These two precious messes have been occupying a lot of our time these days (go figure). Stacey III and Wyatt have done a remarkable job adjusting to our new family dynamic, but Stacey and I were both noticing it seemed they were in need of some quality time with Mom and Dad and perhaps without the C's, at least for a little bit.

I know how could we not want to spend every minute with those faces???
Stacey's job has required him to work a lot of evenings over the past few months which has left all of us craving more time with Daddy. Thankfully, this week he was able to take off on Monday and Nannie was able to take care of Coyt and Crew so we were all set for a day of focused family fun with Stacey and Wyatt.

And wouldn't you know it, for being such good big brothers Coyt and Crew wanted to kick off the day. According to the letter they left, they stayed up all night setting up a treasure hunt for Stacey and Wyatt. The Bigs LOVED that Coyt and Crew would do something so thoughtful for them. ;)
Don't worry about those jammies - HA!
Where could that clue be?
Found it!
Baby juggler
And another...
Almost there...
I think I see something...
Jackpot!! The treasure was a trip to Adventure Landing. We drive by this spot every week so the boys were VERY excited.
First up the arcade.

And then the main attraction for these two race car loving boys.
They had a need for speed! And since it was a Monday afternoon there was literally no one there, so they got to ride as long as they wanted to.
It has been challenging to make sure that everyone's little love tanks are full at our house in addition to just meeting all their daily needs. My creativity has been temporarily lost to lack of sleep so a day like this was as much good medicine for this Mommy as it was for the boys.


Sarah said...

I cannot believe how big Wyatt seems in these pictures!! And Stacey starting kindergarten? Wow! Hope everything is going well for your fam!

Mindy said...

You are such an AMAZING mama to FOUR happy, happy boys! It shows in every single picture you post!!!

The Junods said...

Oh girl, what a much needed day for everyone. I'm so glad you got that for yourself as much as the boys and Daddy. I know that feeling of not being able to give everyone enough of what they need and what you want to give them! Couple of things I noticed that make me feel at home are jeans with holes and a 4 yr old boy with a little "tude" and the arms crossed. I can't believe our big boys will be in Kindergarten. Hard to admit! I miss you and would love to talk this week. Will try to catch you after the boys go to school on tuesday! Love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the treasure hunt idea - we could do those any day around here. Love that even though you are sleep deprived you are still being purposeful with loving on each of your sweet boys. What a wonderful husband to take off of work to spend family time. Have to try out that go cart place someday.