Thursday, April 14, 2011


On Sunday we celebrated Wyatt's birthday at his favorite spot, Five Guys. Several week ago we were at five guys (you'll notice a trend here) discussing what Wyatt wanted to do for his 4th birthday. Daddy threw out five guys for our Wy-Guy and we all jumped on board. A perfect party for this four year old burger lover and this Mommy of four who needed a fairly simple party this year. :)

The invitations
Wyatt was pretty excited,
and so were we!!

Don't let your eyes fool your taste-buds those are cheeseburger cupcakes.
The Birthday Book

I found "Burger Boy" online just doing a search for books about hamburgers trying to find something to match our party theme. I wasn't sure if it would be that cute, but it is a precious little story about a boy who eats so many cheeseburgers that he turns into one. It is just darling and the boys love it.
Mini cheeseburgers

These were so simple and cute and tasty! Vanilla wafers for buns, red and yellow icing for ketchup and mustard, cocoanut (with green food coloring) for lettuce and a grasshopper mint chocolate cookie for the hamburger patty. Finish them off with a few sesame seeds to give it that real burger look and voila, mini cheeseburger treats.

First up on the agenda, chow on some cheeseburgers!!

Cute color coordinated couples ;)
Then we sang happy birthday
and blew out the candles.
Every time we go to Five Guys our boys ask to ride the rides and/or get candy from the machines just in front of the restaurant. Of course we always say no but since this was a birthday celebration this time the answer was YES! Each child got a small package of quarters that they could use for rides and/or the candy kiosks.
Serious racer
Sweet Ally - Wyatt's Cousin Twin ;)
Blue bubblegum of course!
Everyone signed the birthday book. Like almost every detail at this party I copied this little idea from a friend years ago. But it is so fun to look back at all the boys birthday books both for the party theme and to see who was there. This year most of our guests could sign it themselves, or at least tried.
The favors were ketchup bottles
filled with, what else, gummy burgers. :)
Thankfully there were plenty of helping hands to love on our #1 Combo.

Aunt Sarah & the Cs
Nannie & Coyt
And any other babies that needed some lovin'.
GP & A Big Mack
Honey and Caroline
Me, Karla (on her way to baby #4) & Shannon
Always a treat to have so much of our family together (Uncle Frank (Josh) and the Woodburys were very missed)!
The Purdy/Wood/Warren/Smiths
The Wheelis/Smiths
After we finished things up at Five Guys we took our little party on wheels up to the play area.

Can't you just hear the clown music in the background??

And finally we wrapped things up unwrapping presents at home.

This is Wyatt's latest "smile" pose??
Such a fun day for our precious Wy-Guy and that was just the beginning of his birthday festivities. More on the real day to come.


Jess said...

I came across your blog when looking for a truck theme for my sons birthday that will be in July. Just wanted to let you know that I love all your birthday ideas, your so creative! And your family is adorable!

The Junods said...

Oh my goodness! That was awesome and SO CUTE! Wish we could have been there!! Great and adorable details of course. Wy looks so big and the #1 combo is growing so much!! What a fun birthday and yummy too!!!

Woodbury Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! so sad we were not there :( super cute as usual - you are so creative!!! great job caryn! :) can't wait to get there in 4 weeks and get my hands on those babies (all four of them!)

angie said...

It was such a FUN day!! Love every little burger detail:). You're amazing!

Sarah said...

I've been waiting to see pics since Kristin gave me a sneak peek of the cupcakes! You are SO talented with creating fun, creative celebrations! And yay for Wyatt's fourth birthday!!

Shannon said...

Such a fun party! And - once again, we are so thankful to get to be apart of the Smith's lives! We love you guys so much!

The Penuels said...

LOVE this!!! You are too talented, friend!!

Katy said...

CARY!!!! oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! That was the cutest thing! Gah-I loved every detail! I am totally copying you on this for the clarkster one day. :) (don't i say that about every party you have come to think of it?)

I mean---the cupcakes?? really? i can't get enough. and the twinsies in their burger and fries onesies???? what?????? too much. i can't stand it. I love it. LOVE it.

thumbs UP as always. way to go you cute little (FOUR kids and not enough time on your hands to do somehting like that) mommy!!! xoxo

shannonmichaelis said...

So my first reaction was, "How perfect - there are five guys in the family!" We love us some Five Guys as well. Such an adorable party! And those cupcakes - girl, lovin' it. Loved the onesies that matched, all the details, all of it. Cannot believe he is four!