Friday, April 15, 2011


On Tuesday Wyatt officially turned four-years-old. We set up lots of #4s leading to his presents and some streamers, which has become a birthday morning tradition.
III helped me make all the fours and got very creative with his original designs. :)

Not sure who was more excited, Wyatt or Stacey.

After a few presents it was time for a nutritious birthday breakfast ;) and the first of several singings of happy birthday and blowing out candles.

It was western day at school so Wyatt put on his new blue boots (his current favorite color) and was ready to cowboy it up. His "pose" once again.
I got to bring a special birthday snack to Wyatt's class and see Mrs. Bonnie crown him King For The Day! His honors included this special crown, a balloon and treasure from Mrs. Jerry, an official certificate, the role of line leader for the day and getting to pick his own centers partner - he chose his buddy Jacob.
He was loving his throne and honors!

It was W week so it just seemed too perfect to bring W cookies for Wyatt. He chose the blue sprinkles and helped put them on these beauties.
Although you can't tell from this picture Stacey was the one who requested to be there to sing to Wyatt in his class and they both liked having the other there.
After a fun filled day at school followed by a good nap it was time to bookend the festivities with a special birthday dinner. And where does every four-year-old want to celebrate their birthday???
Benihana of course!! HA! While a little nicer than Chick-fil-a we weren't complaining when he wanted fried rice at none other than Benihana for his special dinner.
He LOVED every minute of it and at one point leaned over to me and said, "Mom, thanks for bringing me here." We may have another birthday tradition.
Fried Rice Puppy
and Heart
Wyatt told Nannie he wanted candy and a big wheel for his birthday, so of course he got a candy stores worth of treats.
Stacey drew a picture of himself giving Wyatt a present and wrote To:Wyatt From: Stacey, I Love Wyatt. And let me tell you that was just what the doctor ordered for this mamma in need of a reminder of how much these two really do love each other, when the daily grind often tells a different story.
One last rendition of Happy Birthday for our boy.
I'd say he was THOROUGHLY celebrated - just the way we like it.
Coyt and Crew are only four months old and have already been to Benihana twice!
Wyatt Purdy Smith I love you so much it hurts sometimes. You march to the beat of your own drummer and keep up laughing all the time. You still request to snuggle with me often and I LOVE IT!! You are sensitive and loving and your emotions aren't usually too far from the surface. But you are ALL boy and as stubborn and rough as they come. You ADORE your older brother and would follow him right off a cliff. You look to him for cues on what you like, as in Stace "do we like this" and yet can be very opinionated yourself. You melt me when you tell me you love me one hundred billion and as a middle child myself I'll always have a soft spot for my middle baby boy. We can't believe you've been ours for FOUR whole years and CAN NOT imagine our lives or our family without our Wy-Guy. Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

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Woodbury Family said...

Too cute!!! Love all the "brotherly love" from III :) They are precious!! We will have to hit up Benihana's again when we are there - ha!