Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Room For Two

The nursery is officially ready for some occupants!

I don't think I have a future as a photographer for architectural digest. It was a little tricky to get pictures of the room from different angles but you get the idea.

I bought the baby bedding months ago before we even knew what we were having when I spotted it on sale for an unbelievable price and then little by little everything else has come together, thanks mostly to the generosity of Coyt and Crew's grandparents and of course the mighty staple gun!
My very talented friend Cori painted the canvases with the boy's names!
I wouldn't have originally thought, "oh yes turquoise zebra is just what this room needs" but after looking at lots of fabrics I just sort of loved it's funky flare and kept coming back to it. So with the help of my trusty staple gun I recovered the existing cornice boards.

These hooks hang behind the door, the diaper bag (a gift from my recent shower, pictures to come) just happens to match!
I also took my staple gun and scissors to this IKEA slip cover. Take a good look (well not too good due to the previously mentioned staple gun and scissors method of form fitting) I'm sure this is a white as it will ever look.

And yes, I keep fresh flowers in the nursery at ALL times...he he, also from the shower. :)

Right now this is my favorite room in the house, mostly because it stays nice a neat since no one lives in there just yet. Bust also because it has a comfy chair where I can sit and daydream about the two little men that will sleep here soon!


Miranda said...

I love the boys nursery! And the think the colors are perfect. I am almost done with Macy's nursery as well. I am waiting on her wall letters above her bed to come in and then I am going to post pics. But I am totally with you on the "it being my most favorite room in my whole house". And I love to sit in my comfy rocker and just daydream about what this little angel will be like. I try not to think about how many sleepless nights I will have sitting up with a crying baby but more of a sweet little girl that I will just rock! LOL. Im sure that might be wishful thinking, but a girl can dream right!

Katy said...

Cary!!!!!!! It's all done and ready to go!!!!! I am so impressed with you having two boys to take care of and all!!!!!!!! :) way to go!

Lovvvee the polka dot bedding. so cute I mean how can you turn down a polka dot??? ever!!

and====did I tell you I loved your diaper bag at the shower? cuz i do!!!!! can't wait to see it on your arm with TWO babies in tow.


Meg said...

looove the nursery!! just perfect. the name canvases are my fave. you look beautiful and are growing 2 BIG boys!! way to go mama!! will they automatically do a C if coyt stays breech?? either way, not long now and you get to hold those preciouses!!

Kacey said...

It all looks SO perfect!!! Now you can stop and put your feet up so those two can get a big as possible!!! Love everything in the nursery!

Shannon said...

Oh my stars....oh my stars.....I have to get over there and see this in person! IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE TERRY! I love it so much and am amazed that you did it all with two big ole' boys a-growin' in that belly! You look awesome and I love the picture of you with your finger over your mouth! So funny!

The Junods said...

Every stinkin' post just makes this more real and amazing! You are adorable...hilarious about the concerned observers! That nursery is awesome...adorable, yes SO COOL! Girl, you are good. Love the patterns and colors. Canvases...hello, awesome! The comment deserves a phone call. Would love to catch you sometime today if possible. So so thankful those boys are so healthy and growing. What a blessing! Rest easy my friend! Love you.

Sarah said...

I love how everything came together!!! It looks so great!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Don't even know where to begin with my monochromatic mind. Still in awe of the steal of a deal bedding! The turquoise zebra print - words escape me. Never would have thought of it yet it goes perfectly. Love the orange you threw in there. And to think that two cribs fit in that room so nicely - like it was always supposed to be that way! Sigh, cannot wait to see that room in person as well as that belly!

angie said...

It's absolutely perfect!!! I LOVE all the little details and the colors!! God bless the inventor of the staple gun:).

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

that nursery is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!!! I can picture some super cute scrapbook pages filled with pictures of your newest little men sleeping in those adorable cribs! Absolutely love it Caryn!!

Chrys and Mike said...

it's awesome! love the orange rug!

now you just need baybeeeeez!