Wednesday, October 13, 2010

27 Weeks

Crew approx. 2.15 lbs. 12 inches
Coyt approx. 2.39 lbs. 13 inches
Wyatt 40 lbs.
Stacey 42 lbs.
Mommy...I'll never tell!
But I will say that yesterday at the doctor I was measuring about 37 weeks on the single baby scale and weighing in right around the same weight that I was at delivery with Stacey and Wyatt. Kind-of makes you wonder what I'll look like in 10 weeks!! And why lately I get a lot of "When are you due? (accompanied by a look that says - it has to be any day now!)" And I just smile and say December...but, I'm having twins, which seems to relieve the askers anxiety about having to deliver my baby on the spot ;).

We had another great check-up and are praising the Lord for a complication free pregnancy thus far. The babies fluid levels and my cervix (I know TMI, but that is what they are really watching) look perfect! Coyt was head down but turned around during the sono so he is still undecided about his final position, but thankfully still has plenty of room (don't ask me how) to do acrobatics, while Crew stays consistently happy in his lower head down Baby A spot and doesn't show signs of giving up his birthright as the potential first born.


shannonmichaelis said...

Love the finger over your mouth with the hush! Cannot believe how much bigger you are going to get! So exciting!

Krispy said...

You are a great decorator!

:) Kristiana