Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Shower

Double the trouble, double the fun.
Life with twins has just begun.
Double the diapers, double the toys.
Caryn is having two little BOYS!!

On October 9th these sweet girls threw me a darling (is it Ok to say that about your own shower? I think so since I had nothing to do with the cuteness) diaper and gift card shower at La Madeline.
Alli is a friend of mine from Watermark and lives in our neighborhood with two boys of her own. We met when we started serving in student ministries on the same Sunday some 8 plus years ago!

If you've been reading my blog for any time at all you know Angie and Kacey are my sisters and my BFFs :).

Karla and I also met through student ministries and served as co-leaders for a group of girls for six years together. We shared our first two pregnancies together but she went for #3 on her own. So now I am trumping her by doing a two for one ;).

Of course I just loved every little detail and can't help but share them with you.

You can get a tutorial on how to make these vases over on Kacey's blog
The menu, yummy!
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The favors! They say - Sharing in the joy of being "Double-Stuffed" - so cute!!
It was a diaper shower, but I got a lot of special goodies in addition to the necessities.
Mom, about to be a grandmother to EIGHT!
My girls (and Sam representing for his future buddies Coyt & Crew)
Such a special day for me and the babies!!

Thanks Kacey & Katy for the photos!


The Junods said...

Totally just teared up looking at you, that precious shower, and all your friends (minus me)...bummer! Wish I could have been there. What an incredible shower with lots of fun stuff!! You looked adorable!! Love that dress, little missy! Hope to talk soon. Keep saying that to you and it really is true! Love you so much!

Sarah said...

SO fun!! And of course the hostesses did a fabulous job of putting everything together :) Sad I couldn't be there! LOVE you all SO much!

angie said...

It was such a fun day!! You look beautiful:)

Shannon said...

I loved being a part of such a wonderful day! Now it's time to wait for those sweet boys to show their faces! Yippee! Love you so much

Katy said...

so fun! and adorable shower! and a perfect bonus to the TT weekend. :) see you soon!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Makes me even sadder that I missed the big event! But so thankful we get a redo in a week. LOVE all that orange and blue decor. You look hotty patotty in that dress, and I love the women that coordinated in their colors as well. Can't wait to hug your neck soon!