Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

There is a church near our house that sells pumpkins every fall and every-time we pass by, which is often, the boys beg to stop in at the pumpkin patch. On Monday we gathered our spare change and were on a mission. We had six dollars so I told Stacey that we could get several tiny pumpkins, two smallish ones or one large one. Ya'll I don't know that I have ever witnessed such intense decision making.
Wyatt thought it was more of a feats of strength type mission to see just how big of a pumpkin he could lift.
While Stacey saw potential in even the smallest of pumpkins.

I was actually shocked that one large pumpkin wasn't the final choice, instead two small and one medium sized were the final adoptees.

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The Junods said...

I'm catching up on blogs for the week and I'm a little lustful....what great posts and photography! I love the fall pictures and your boys doing such fun stuff. Baths with dogs, soccer, pumpkins, Texas Corny dogs! Bring it on! I miss it all and want just a little of it!! Well I think we can swing the bath with dogs. So glad yall are enjoying it and you're posting it...enjoy all that fun stuff for us! See you in 6 weeks!