Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Waco to celebrate my nephew Ryan turning 7. I remember the day he was born (the day I became and Aunt!) like it was yesterday and can not believe he is SEVEN YEARS OLD!!
He requested a Wii party and it was a huge hit, there were "Wii Stations" set up all over the house so everyone could play until their hearts were content.

Stacey and Wyatt doing a little boxing. Stacey LOVES to play the Wii and gets VERY into it, but Wyatt is only good for a game or two and would really prefer to be driving Ryan's awesome race car!!
Angie did a fantastic job, as usual!! A few party details.
I just love that we can all be together for special celebrations like these.
Before heading back on Sat. we also got to watch the star athlete play in a flag football game. Sparking a new interest in football from my boys.
It was a short but sweet trip. We love you Ryan Mark Wood!


shannonmichaelis said...

Justin was looking over my shoulder when he saw your blog post. He demanded to know who Ryan was, and then dreamily stated he wanted to go to Stacey and Wyatt's house soon. Looks like we owe you guys a visit soon!

angie said...

I love that y'all can come down for bdays too!! Thanks for all these great pictures:). I LOVE the sister photo, and seeing my sweet niece and nephews cooking away. Love ya.