Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

Wyatt: Mommy, when will the babies get here?
Me: Probably in December around Christmas time.
Wyatt: Cember?? But, HOW do they get out of der (pointing to my tummy)?
Me: Well, the doctor will help get them out, but God designed Mommies just perfectly so that they could have have babies. There is a special...
Wyatt: (interrupting) HEY! God made flowers!!
Me: Well he sure did and he made you too, and the babies.

The End

Guess we'll save that little life lesson for another day ;)


Sarah said...

Oh, that Wyatt!! I LOVE him :)

angie said...

I can imagine that conversation. I can't wait for Ryan to ask the same thing with the preggers sisters around it's bound to come up:). Love that Wyatt!!

Katy said...

Great timing, Wy guy!!!!!!! hilarious. as usual. i love wednesdays.

Meg said...

hahaha!! i have been out of town so i just now read about your baby BOYS!!!! of course i am totally partial but i COULD NOT love having twin boys more!!!!!!! best little buds for life. better than that, so thankful they both were perfect and healthy. such a fun ride you are on!!

Kristin said...

Oh...I love it!!! You were totally on the right track. Mary Flo Ridley would have been so proud. ;)