Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Lake Trip of the Summer

Last weekend we headed to Lake LBJ with our Community Group from Watermark. This is the first time we've done a weekend like this with all the kids and I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all. Not so much good sleep, but a good time for sure ;).

We got to sneak off a little early so Thursday night and most of the day Friday it was just our family. I know we just have a few more months until our four pack becomes a six pack so I am savoring these sweet days with my bigs before the littles arrive.

Awwww, this is the life!! This picture pretty much captures my feelings about a weekend at he lake perfectly.
Sat. morning the posse couldn't wait to get out on the water!

A few shots of our junior passengers: Braysen, Caleb and Craig, Grace (I have to point out that this was a real bonding moment for Stacey and Grace. She is usually slightly terrified of him, but jumped right in his lap to drive the boat! I see a beautiful friendship forming here), and Sam, snoozing - sorry about the over sized pink jacket buddy - you totally rocked it.
A little staircase book club with Wyatt and Grace. We were laughing at the differences in their imaginations. Grace usually starts her stories with a beautiful princess and Wyatt usually starts off with getting the bad guys (you'll notice the weapon in his hand just in case).
Early morning target practice, shooting marshmallow ammunition into the lake, which made for easy clean up and delicious fish food.
Stacey has been pretty fearless about jumping off the top deck
and this trip was no exception as he jumped again and again and again.
Wyatt made his first attempt this trip and thanks to Cary it is well documented. He had a few belly flops but after a dozen or so jumps I'd say he has mastered it!
Not to be outdone, the Daddies (Craig and Stacey) had some tricks up their sleeves (or shorts...because they don't have any sleeves??) too.
On Sat. night we headed to the legendary Coopers BBQ to get our grub on!
Our gang (minus the Sheps who were terribly missed but just a little too close to welcoming Graham, our soon to be newest member, to make the trip).

Back Row: Gummelts, Smiths, Grundys
Front Row: Wennings
And of course I couldn't leave out our littlest member, Sam, who was already buckled up prior to the group shot.
However, with four babies on the way between us, he won't hold that title for long. Which makes me think we're going to need a bigger lake house!!


The Junods said...

Great pics...what a fun weekend. And even better is that incredible group of friends. What a blessing!

Would love to talk to you soon. Been thinking and praying for you often. Maybe I can catch you in the next few days.

Kristin said...

Loved looking at the pics!!!! We sure wished we were there!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Awesome photos - love the pix in motion of the jumpers off the top deck. So fun you guys have such a close knit group of friends.