Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Garage Sale!!

With two bouncing baby boys joining our cozy home I am all about getting rid of anything we don't need. so on Sat morning we are having a garage sale. Among a variety of other treasures ;), I've got some party supplies that just aren't welcome in the garage anymore. Specifically a precious little dog house, dog serving bowls and a blue puppy that were used for Wyatt's first birthday.

Sorry Wyatt's not for sale, but if he were I think we might be very wealthy. :)

This saw horse, extension cord wreath and few other supplies from the construction party.

And I am sure other party themes will show themselves as i continue digging (which is a little challenging when you can't lift anything too heavy).

Just thought I'd post it here since some of you might not be interested in my sweater poncho, but might want to snag some finishing touches for your next show stoppin' par-tay. Feel free to stop by on Sat. or let me know here if you're interested.

Don't worry I have no plans for making the blog my own personal craigs list.


Katy said...

I'll take the cutie in the puppy ears? payment plan? :)

Jennifer McWilliams said...

sweet wyatt! :) soooo, i may want the extension cord wreath. i can have my sister walk over on saturday and get it :O) will you email me with your price?

Ashley Hall said...

Oh! I would love the puppy party stuff including the house!! Graham (or I) would love to have a puppy party one day!! Tell me how much! I can get it from you at school one day or sooner.