Thursday, August 26, 2010


When I was cleaning out some closets I came across a set of Bee Stickers full of fabulous virtues we are constantly talking about at our house, for example: be patient, be helpful, be obedient, be kind, be generous etc. So, I made a very impromptu chart and handed out a sticker anytime I saw the boys exhibiting one of the virtues.

I had promised a surprise treat once they each filled up their chart (with no actual treat in mind at the time). So when they had both earned all 20 stickers we headed to GattiTown for a family celebration.
Pizza party with the Jetsons playing on the big screen - awesome! Not the best idea if you want to actually speak to Stacey or Wyatt because they were both locked in like aliens had taken over their brains but a treat for sure.
Followed by games in the game room - awesome!!

And tickets that were cashed in for INCREDIBLE ;) treats - awesome!!
Not too shabby for a Tuesday lunch!


La Casa Chavez said...

Oh great. One word: Gattitown. Now I'm craving it. I guarantee you the weekend will not end without me going now that it's been brought up.
It's so embarassing. It's actually ME, that wants to go eat there moreso than the kids. I love that place. I love their ranch. I do believe I will indulge while I can!
Hope you are feeling well!

Katy said...

I love reading your blog because your boys crack me up in their pictures. I don't know what it is, but they make me LOL.

Great idea! I may have to do this for AM...

angie said...

Oh gattitown!! I love it, the Bee chart and the precious boys of course. S-weet!