Monday, August 9, 2010

SO much wrong with this story

Sunday morning the boys had been up for .5 seconds when we heard them loosing their minds.

Stacey III reported in per our request with the low down. In his most nonchalant, brutally honest form, he said:

"I was going potty and Wyatt said he didn't need to but then he did, so I peed on him, so he punched me then I punched him back then I spit on him and then he spit on me."


We just sat there like deer in headlights staring at him wondering what chapter of parenting 101 covers that.

Oh how I love the mischievous, misunderstood, mysterious minds of boys. :)


Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

Oh the WONDERFULNESS that I have to look forward to!!! Here's to hoping you are having at least one girl, to somehow even out your sweet family of boys!!

Shannon said...

WOW! That right there just makes me LAUGH! I love those boys and that story is one for the record books! Love you and am ready to catch up this week!

angie said...

Well Good morning to you too:-)...classic boy story!

The Junods said...

I had to read that like 4 times! Laughed so hard! I needed to try to understand exactly what happened and also picture the order of events. Gotta love the honesty. Glad that story is your's and not mine but that exact situation may happen in my house tomorrow morning. Classic boy...thank you for sharing and helping me not feel so alone. Love you all and every bit of those boys!!

Kacey said...

ew and ew! I think the honest report is my favorite part:)

Katy said...

HAlarious. And still so funny that Stacey sees no problem in just giving you the full rundown. I mean, you were wondering what was going on, right?

Never a dull moment with boys! :)

Kristin said...

That just made me laugh out loud!!! I love it!