Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tailgate Wrap Up

We wrapped up the season in style last night at a hometown tailgate outside of the Deathstar (cowboy stadium) for the Tech/Baylor game. These boys threw a great party, and we've decided that tailgating to Stacey (and a few other kindred spirits) is just like throwing a birthday party for me. He plots and plans and obsesses and loves every minute of it.
I thought due to the rather windy day and some 12 hours spent outside that I'd wear a hat, and based on these pictures that is not a look that I will try to pull off again soon! But I'll put vanity smurf to bed and post some pictures anyway.
We had tons of family (included my brother-in-law Geoff who is an A&M fan that we recruited for the day and even got to wear red and black) and friends stop by making it one of my favorite tailgates to date!

There were cheeseburger tacos, ribs, bacon wrapped shrimp, DP can chicken, queso and more, but someohow these cake-balls that Chris' Mom made are the only food picture I got. You can see where my hearts desire is when it come to the eats.
We ended the night with a WT ride in the bed of Stacey's truck transporting Kacey and Josh and the Warren's back to their hotel. Sadly no pictures to document the adventure, but thankfully no arrests or broken bones either.

Until next season :)


shannonmichaelis said...

You guys should go into the tailgating/party planning business. Somehow incorporate all that into a unique business tactic. Too much fun! Sorry this Smith clan decided not to go. We knew the outcome before the game started and we couldn't stomach it. Would have been fun to bump into you guys!

angie said...

You totally rocked that hat! So fun. I can't wait to hear all about it. BTW I may need Chris' mom to hook a girl up for Ally's bday. Those looked so yummy!

Shannon said...

You have to give big ups to the Bears for at least giving you guys a good game! :-) Wish we could have joined you out there for some tailgating fun! Sister - you could look great in a paper sack, so stop knocking the hat! You are beautiful! Love you!

The Junods said...

Yeah, don't do the hat again...WHATEVER! It looks cute and was a good choice for that windy day. I'm so sad we missed that tailgate! We SO would have been there if we lived anywhere near Texas! One day I'll experience the Stacey greatness. That menu is unreal! See you soon

Julie Winckler said...

This post made me miss Texas and my WT roots! :)