Monday, November 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

What? But Chicken Day isn't even here yet!!

When I put out a few turkeys right after Halloween Stacey woke up and said, "Mom, is it chicken day!?!" So, as if he wasn't confused enough, this weekend (before chicken day - gasp!) I got out our Christmas decorations.

This is very out of character as I am a rule follower by nature (Sarah, I feel you!!) and usually stick to a strict no Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving policy. But, we had a rather uneventful weekend with soccer rained out so I had the time. And we all know self imposed rules were made to be broken. Right?

III was so excited and insisted that I didn't get out any more Christmas stuff while he was napping so that he wouldn't miss anything! He went trough every ornament and he loved hearing it's "story." And I loved having someone who cared that, I got that bell when I was two, and this was from the year Daddy and I got married, and Oh look at that tiny baby! etc.

When we headed over to Nannie and Big's last night he excitedly asked, "Are we going over there for Christmas!!?!!" It may be a long month. :)

So, just to make sure that my kids think there were pilgrims at the nativity we decided to make some Thanksgiving treats for lunch.
This is a classic, but always a is pretty much anything that involves eating extra marshmallows and fruit loops.
Pants are so overrated!!
Happy Chicken Day to you and yours!! :)


shannonmichaelis said...

You and your creative art projects! I shared your thankful tree with our women's dinner when we were discussing how to celebrate the holidays. They loved it all! Where are you going to be for Turkey Day?

angie said...

You're right pants are overrated:-). I love that you did this since you gave me such a hard time about decorating before Lila's bday last year!!!! I say go for it and I hope you have a great 'chicken' day! We're ready to see y'all soon!

Shannon said...

I wish I already had my decorations out! For some reason, I feel like Christmas has come so much sooner this year! We pulled into our neighborhood yesterday and saw many houses with lights already up. Landon goes..."That's so rude to the turkeys!"

The Junods said...

Awesome! Tree looks great and the boys are too cute...pantless especially. Chicken Day is very soon and seeing your face is too!!

Sarah said...

Too cute! And I just realized I totally stole your blog title for my latest post.