Saturday, November 7, 2009

Race Day

This week Stacey's preschool had its annual Grand Prix Races!! The race comes with the daunting task of creating a car out of a card board box - with your preschooler. Since I have never created a car out of thin air, and my 4 year old often has the attention span of a raccoon, I was a little stumped as to where to begin. However, after roaming the isles of Target, Michael's and Staples (fairly aimlessly) I thought surely I had the necessary supplies to create a masterpiece, or at the very least a red box that could be run in Fred Flintstone style.

When we got our first notice of the upcoming race Stacey decided that he wanted to be Mack from Cars. I was thrilled with this idea simply because Mack is squarish and although, as previously mentioned, I have never crafted a car out of a box, I was pretty sure that square was the shape we had to work with.

Thankfully Dad was VERY helpful with figuring out how all the pieces were going to go together. All that annoying time spent watching Pimp My Ride paid off and he was able to suggest we "design the car" then take it apart and spray-paint the individual pieces. I could have kissed him for his body shop know how!! And for taking my previous panicked stricken response to his suggestion that, I would probably be able to take care of this without him because I was creative and yadda yadda yadda, VERY seriously.

III was thrilled with the finished product and if you ask me he made a very cute Mack!!

Can't forget Lightning McQueen along for the ride.
Gentlemen start your engines!! Not to brag, but the boys got speed :)
Making the crucial turn
Wouldn't you know it he won a blue ribbon (as well as all the other participants). It was a really fun day and Stacey loved every minute of it!
After watching the races Wyatt finally got his turn. I was telling him about Mrs. Jerry (the director of the school) and how she was a Honey like our Honey and he looked and me with his most serious face and said, "NO, dats MY Jerry!" So I had to snap of pick of him with his Jerry
At a shower this morning a Mom was talking about the castle her 3rd grade son has to create out of only recycled materials. I guess my spray painting, glue gunning, paper towel role saving days have just begun. Bring it on.


Katy said...

PRESSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH! So cute. Very nice job I must say on Mack. You have to save that forever! :) I'm so glad Stacey got your fast running skills!!!!!!!!!

Miranda said...

MACK is such a cutie! God Job Mom.

angie said...

That is a VERY impressive Mack!! Seriously I couldn't have dine that. The plates for tires is brillant! And after watching Stacey strut his amazing soccer skills this morning I knew he had some serious speed! Awesome job team smith. BTW the kids LOVE the Gaylord:-).

Shannon said...

AMAZING car! I am so impressed. Seriously, Mack is perfect and Stacey looks so proud! I can promise you that this boy is always going to be at the front of the pack in ANY race. He is built for speed, I tell you!

Stacey said...

Great work! That is one awesome looking cardboard Mack...I'm impressed!

Stacey looks absolutely thrilled. So cute!

The Junods said...

Oh my gosh! What an awesome Mac. By far the best car made! That little event is so fun. I always wish we could do it. Wyatt is hilarious, especially claiming his Miss Jerry! She's lovin it. I showed my boys these pictures and I asked Barrett who was in the last picture...he said "Barrett and Honey". By boys thing they are your's. What?

Oh and seeing you holding those babies, just looks right! :)

shannonmichaelis said...

I thought she was MY Jerry. :-) love the mack - can't wait to show justin this post. so glad you have a fast racer!