Monday, November 9, 2009


We had some VERY special guests at Stacey's soccer game this weekend! Stacey was thrilled that Ryan,
Ally (someone else was thrilled too),
and Honey were all there to cheer him on!! Mark and Angie were there too, but I neglected to get their pictures. :(
And of course, this local was representing as usual.
What a blessing to be loved so much by so many people. I think our star player was feeling the love from the sidelines because he scored his first goal!!! And the crowd went crazy, of course.
Stacey you just get better every week and we all love watching you play. Thanks to everyone for making III's and my day by driving in for the game.


angie said...

We were so proud of him, and I'm very glad that we got to see the Roadrunners in action.

shannonmichaelis said...

at least someone isn't picking flowers during the game and is trying to WIN!

Shannon said...

OF COURSE HE SCORED A GOAL!!! He is going to be a stud athlete, I can promise you! Give him a big goal scoring kiss from ME!

Meg said...

i love your little soccer player!! sophie played this year, but like shannon said she was more interested in picking flowers :). maybe my boys athletic ability will be more promising :). i am glad you keep up with us!! i keep up with you too! i am glad i make twins look easy b/c it isn't :), but it honestly is wonderful and of course i wouldn't trade it!! hope you guys are doing fantastic!!