Sunday, November 29, 2009

So much so much so much

To be thankful for!!

We are so blessed and while I do not understand why the Lord has lavished upon us such undeserved blessings I am incredibly grateful.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at "the country" in Jacksboro with Stacey's family. The country is very peaceful and a perfect getaway for the holiday. Thanks Cassie and Teddy for hosting us all!

Cassie and Debbie spoiled us as usual by cooked and incredible feast and taking care of the kids overnight while the big kids went to a hotel.

The rugrats.
I got to get some good lovin' from T-bird
All the boys by the fire pit.
Stacey and Wyatt got a precious teepee from Big and Nannie - perfect for this Pilgrims and Indians holiday.
We made s'mores.
III declared he would like to make them every night when it gets dark.
Our star treatment continued with a gift basket at the hotel. Notice the special "Caryn - no nuts" cookies just for me. I know, we are spoiled - there is just no other word for it!
On Thursday afternoon while we were recovering from a huge lunch and watching football I forced a Christmas craft on the girls. :) I think it stressed everyone out more than anything, but I thought it was fun.
Here is my finished product on top of the armoire at home.
It was a perfect Thanksgiving and leaves me overwhelmed by all I have to be Joyful about.


shannonmichaelis said...

yes, my stress level is rising just reading this post! :-) still reminds me of senior year decopage - never seems to get easier everytime I see crafts. looks like a fun vacate for the holidays! i need to call you this week - i feel like it has been forever since we have chatted!

The Junods said...

Very cute craft! Might need to do that with the Watkins girls. The boys look so cute. Where did you get the camo fleeces? We are going to freeze when we get to TX if we don't get a few layers workin'! Oh and we have a tent like that from last Cmas. Such a great gift!!

Katy said... cute is that tent???? I am pretty certain that is in the Clarkster/Brooksy future!!! :)

Good luck with smores every night it gets dark!!

so great to see you if even for a bit this weekend!!

angie said...

I love the smores comment by III...classic:-). And I'm pretty sure that craft project will find it's way to a Waco craft night!!

I am so thankful for the Smiths too.

Kacey said...

Who doesn't love a good Smore? every night?? I'm right there with him. Loved seeing you guys at the tailgate! So fun:)

Sarah said...

I LOVE your Christmas craft!!