Monday, July 27, 2009

Sleep Study

My boys are alike in so many ways but they are as different as night and day in others.

Speaking of night (see how I made that smooth transition ;), Stacey's entourage of sleep aids is at an all time high. He has the original blankie and Douglas (a silky white blanket and puppy lovie from his baby days), Goofy (added a few months ago, probably around the time we started hyping Disney for our upcoming trip), and most recently his new Cars sleeping bag and little pillow that Kacey and Josh gave him for his birthday. The gang has gotten a little out of control, especially when he gets the urge to lug them all out of his bed and somewhere else around the house.
Wyatt on the other hand needs nada. He has a blanket that he will occasionally ask for as a stall tactic or just to copy the group if everyone else has one but usually he is all by his sweet self when it is time for bed.

Perhaps that is why he seems to be conducting an experiment to see how much of the bed he can actually utilize each night and sleeps in crazy positions. Or, maybe that is why he likes to come sneak into our room at night seeking his favorite lovie - ME!! Except he has a strange way of showing his affection, typically involving uncannily strong flying fists and feet that could easily make it in the MMA. While Stacey and his band-o-brothers stay mummified in the exact same spot all night.
I love these boys - quirky, crazy, calm or violent sleep habits and all.

Yes, my son has a Dora cup in this picture, don't worry it was smuggled from Brylie's house...that said I can't deny his affection for the sassy Spanish explorer.

Sweet Dreams!


angie said...

Oh how I can relate to this post. Last week Ryan kept saying that his head hurt ( really his neck) and Mark was quick to realize that he was sleeping on 10 animals, 2 silkys, 4 pillows and 3 water bottles... That can cause a crick in the neck!!!!
I know that sleeping with WPS is hard but you know before you know it he'll be 5 and 1/2 and WAY too cool to snuggle with ya:-)! I'm ready for cousin camp!

Shannon said...

Yep - that's L and R in a nutshell as well. They BOTH require at least 4 things in bed with them at night. I just don't get it! No way could I sleep with one thing, much less 12! Love you!

Wendi Junod said...

hilarious. we use those things for stall tactics mostly too!

we also have a strong love for the spanish diva! she's way more popular than the diego.