Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Boy Birthday Bike

Nannie and Big took us out to dinner and then took Stacey to pick out his birthday gift - his first bike!! He loved EVERY minute of it and picked out this precious red and black Trek. And yes, these Red Raider parents were beaming with pride. It is just too cute, and I'm sure tough and durable and engineered for biking perfection, but just so cute! I know I'm partial but he just looked so cute riding it.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb out for a leisurely ride on the tandem - HA!
Then we had to pick out a matching helmet - safety first. I have a feeling we'll be picking up one of these for a copycat little brother soon even though his bike riding days are a ways off. He could probably stand to wear one at all times so it can't hurt.
Thank you Nannie and Big for such a wonderful birthday surprise. Stacey is so blessed!! And I just have to say to my MIL that you're amazing!! She just had major ankle and jaw surgery, yet here she is, out and about making birthday dreams come true for her grandson.

Just for the record, all I asked him to do was go stand by his bike and his struck this "love me" pose all by himself! I don't know where he gets that. :) But I do know he'll have sweet dreams tonight, he wanted to sleep in his helmet.


Team Leslie said...

Hey Caryn....just got all updated on your blog. I always love reading your commentary - so funny. Your boys are so sweet & adorable.

angie said...

That is just awesome...A big boy bike!!! He looks so cute riding that Raider bike and the other Staceys look hilarious:-) what a perfect way to top off a birthday.

Kacey said...

He looks so big on that bike! What is he like 4 years old or something?

Stacey said...

Love all the birthday festivities...what a fun day for a big four year old! I'm filing away the idea to cover the house in "4s" (or 5s or 6s). Cute!

And Wyatt's grin in the helmet pictures is just awesome. What a ham!

shannonmichaelis said...

love pose with bike, check. sleeping with helmet to be safe, check. that entire post, priceless!!!!!

Katy said...

Aw. Now isn't that the perfect all-American boy birthday! I love it. So proud to see those TT colors being shown off. Mr. Sean will have to get little Clarkster one of the same one day. :)