Friday, July 24, 2009


A black dress Ann? A Blue Dress Ann? No, Ann Likes Red. "Ann Likes Red" was one of my favorite books when I was little about a girl who went shopping for a dress, belt, shoes, purse etc. (this may have been why I loved it) and no matter what options they gave her she always chose red. Yesterday we declared it RED DAY at the Smith casa and I couldn't help but think fondly of Miss Ann.

As a disclaimer I must say that this idea is in NO way original, rather copied from several more creative mommies who have blazed the color day trail. But I've been thinking it would be something fun to do this summer to try and help Wyatt learn his colors and yesterday was the day.
We started with a Red breakfast on a Red plate with yogurt, bacon and strawberry jam on toast. III informed me that the yogurt was really more pinkish and the bacon was really more brownish, but he was willing to let is slide in order to help Wyatt learn his colors. We focused more on how to spell and write R-E-D with smarty pants.
Then I let the boys pick out whatever Red clothing they wanted, and we took our Red on the road to the park.

I was a little concerned that some might question my choice of Red on clashing Red now that we were out in public, but was relieved when we spotted a mow-hawked 10 year old with an unfortunate sock and sandal combo and another child with a confusing side rat tail that I decided trumped our clashing clothing.

Brylie and Nannie joined us at the park too!!!
Nannie brought a perfectly appropriate snack for Red day, strawberries!! And what better way to cool off on Red day than with a giant Red Gatorade. :)
We forwent our previously planned Red lunch for a lunch out celebrating Kimberleigh's 13th b-day!!! But after naps went back into the Red zone with some Red painting activities.

Red spray paint on a sheet,
Red temper paint on paper,
And a finale of Red pudding paint on themselves...well, a little painting and a little snacking.
All that artistry (and previously accumulated sand from the park) called for a serious bath, with Red toys and brand new Red bath markers.
For dinner it was R-E-D pizza and Red applesauce.
Yummy :)
After dinner we got a ding-dong at the door and a package from UPS. What could it be?? Stacey's very own spiderman costume!!!! The Brown's ordered it for Stacey's birthday and had it delivered directly to our house, so he had been anticipating its arrival. Just FYI if you've ever worried about ordering a birthday gift and not having it there on time - no worries!! It was really fun for him to look forward to it and then get it a few days later! Thanks Landon, Reagan & Payton.

Stacey said, "Mom this is my very own costume at my very own house and I can wear it every day!" And I am sure he will. He has also asked me to please address him as spiderman when he is in costume, but said just Stacey is OK when he isn't. Thanks Dude.
Thankfully Spidy is Red so this is how we wrapped up the day. Mentor and Mentee reading a color book. I'm not sure if Wyatt could pick out Red in a line up any better than he could have two days ago, but it was a fun day nonetheless.
R-E-D Red, R-E-D- Red, I know how to spell Red, I know how to spell Red, Firetrucks are Red, Stop Signs are Red Too, R-E-D, R-E-D. :)


shannonmichaelis said...

stop it, stop it! it's hard enough to get those songs out of my head much less you singing the R-E-D song! :-) so super cute, even down to the red applesuace. and how nice that spiderman is conveniently red as well!

Shannon said...

Of course I planned for Spiderman to arrive on RED DAY! :-) So glad it got there and that is was a hit! I have to hand it to you sister, you are one fun mommy! Such an inspiration to us all!

Wendi Junod said...

Miss Jerry taught us that song and all the others :) You are unreal and so fun! What a great day. The rat tail and sandal/sock combo about did me in! I'm sure your boys loved every second. I'm feel ripped off that I've never even heard of "Ann Likes Red". Where have I been??

Katy said...

Love that RED poem! Reminds me of my teaching days! ;) I am amazed at what all you did! I am feeling bad about my mothering skills! Can you please take my kids along when you do this? :)

jacy said...

so fun..... I love all the collage pictures - how do you do that?

angie said...

Nice work!! Of course you picked R-E-D first:-) I still think about you loving "Ann likes Red!". It looks like the boys had an absolute blast. So fun!!!