Monday, July 20, 2009

Grow to Pro POGO!!

Stacey's III's four year old birthday dream of a telescope and pogo stick was finally realized yesterday when Honey and G.P. fulfilled the fantasy with this Grow to Pro Pogo stick. It has a wide base and is smaller than most so he can "learn" to pogo. An important skill set for every young child's development! He was a little frustrated yesterday that he couldn't bounce to the moon and back immediately, but he is getting the hang of it today with a little balancing help. I predict he'll be receiving offers from Barnum and Bailey by August...wait I think I'm thinking about stilts? So what do professional pogo stickers join?? I'm sure we'll find out when he requests a subscription to Pogo Stick Pro Weekly for his 5th birthday.

Hmmm, this doesn't look quite right?? Stacey has been very gracious about sharing all he new toys with his little brother, but I just don't think those precious feet are going to reach...
But he is so proud :)
Yep, this looks like more your style bud.
We've been trying to get outside for a bit in the mornings to beat the heat, hence the PJ's (Whit Stacey LOVES his Monkey Jammies - Thanks!). This morning was overcast and wonderful!!


Shannon said...

LOVE the pogo stick. Way to go Honey and GP!!! We cannot wait to come play on it. The party was so much fun and the kids were spent when it was all said and done. In my books, that makes it a PERFECT party!

angie said...

That is such a cute little pogo stick jumper!! We loved the party, the visit and everything. XOXOXO:-)

Kacey said...

Looks like his birthday dreams came true!!! That helmet on both boys is the cutest thing ever!