Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I thought about caravanning down to Padre for some awesome Spring Break partying, but then remembered I'm 31 and have two kids so we decided to go to the Children's museum with Noah and Haley instead. The beach has nothing on these good times! The boys were on overload with all the things to see, touch, play etc. they both looked like they might need some ADD meds. as they dashed from one thing to the next, but they were happy and worn out when we got done so, no attention span necessary for this fun day. 

I think I've written about it before but the Children's Museum at the Museum of Nature and Science is great!! And we have a season pass (thanks to the grandparents) so if you want to check it out, give us a call. :)

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angie said...

We have got to go there with you guys sometime! Ryan & Ally would absolutely LOVE that place. Our Spring Breaks have certainly changed:-). Although I totally agree for the better! Great pictures.