Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And Brylie Makes Three

Our house has been extra sweet this week with the addition of Miss Brylie. Shelley is pregers!!! Which is wonderful, but as a result she is sick as a dog, so we've been giving Mom a break and enjoying the extra company. We all stayed in our jammies until late into the day yesterday enjoying a leisurely morning at home.
Of course with a girl in the house I couldn't resist playing a little beauty shop and giving Brylie some PIG TAILS!! Stacey came home from work to find me at work on these little piggies in the bathroom and just rolled his eyes, "You just couldn't wait to get her in there and go to work." Guilty :)
The boys were quite intrigued, but don't worry they are petting not pulling. Stacey III took one look at Miss Bye-lee and in his most serious sweet voice said, "Mom, they are beautiful."
Oh the love.
Today III is off at MDO so Wyatt and Brylie are holding down the fort. I got really brave and ventured out to the store with these two and with the exception of a crushed cheese-its and cereal box, thanks to distructo Wyatt (which I replaced with new boxes before checking out - sorry Wal-Mart) and the help of some free fresh tortillas to nibble on, it was a success story. I think she's a keeper.


angie said...

Love those little piggies:) you need to help a girl out with some auntie beauty shop tips. Ally's hair always falls out!!! So fun spending time with the cousins. Tell Shelley that B really looks like her in that last picture:)

Woodbury Family said...

My sweet girl!! I miss her!! :) Thank you so much for this much needed break Caryn!! I'm so glad she is in such good hands :)

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS!!!! I'd love to come over and play with her hair. :)

Stacey said...

Love the pigtails! And I can't believe how much Wyatt is looking like a little man...what a cutie!