Tuesday, March 10, 2009

False Gods and Thin Mints

A few days ago III and I were reading Hermie a Common Caterpillar. The above page reads, "But Hermie did one thing that wasn't common. He talked to God." Stacey interrupted me and pointing to "Wormie" the gray worm asked, "Is that God?" Sweet thing.Last night Stacey walked in and handed me a few thin mints and then went out in the front yard to play with the boys. III asked Daddy what he was eating and he said, "Vitamins, these are just some vitamins for grownups." (which made me laugh). After a long pause III shook his head and said, "Those vitamins sure do look a lot like cookies." :)

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angie said...

Pretty hilarious:)III is one smart "cookie" :-)