Monday, March 9, 2009

Lake House Weekend

We got to get away with our community group (a small group of five couples, through Watermark, that we meet with regularly - and love) for a fantastic relaxing weekend. We stayed at an AMAZING home, thanks to the generosity of one of the families in Kristin's small group (check out her blog for more pictures of the weekend).  This is not the first time we've had the opportunity to enjoy an incredible home and I am always beyond blessed by these families generosity.  

The "lake house"
We stopped at Gloria's on the way out of town YUM! for some dinner and to celebrate Craig's b-day. Here are the boys: Craig, Cary, Brad, Keith & StaceyAnd the girls: Cori, Teresa, I mean Kristin, Me, Julie & Laura
We had no shortage of yummy grub over the weekend. This is Stacey's experimental Fatty Melt - two grilled cheeses sandwiching a burger.
 The house has some great spots to curl up by the lake including a huge fire-pit. We spent plenty of time out here and on Sat. night we had some smores.
Sharon & Tracey
This group has been a huge blessing to both Stacey and I in countless ways and we love getting to spend time with these couples. We are so thankful for the Lord's provision of other couples that love the Lord and love us. 

OK this is a warning that unless you were on this trip or are involved in Student Ministries at Watermark you probably won't find this video very entertaining. Ross Boggs is one of the many skit characters perfected by David Penual. On Sat. while we were sitting around "Ross" came up and we started doing our best impressions. To us, this was about the funniest thing ever (you know, one of those you had to be there moments). So here we are doing our best Ross Boggs. Enjoy :)...or ignore your call.


angie said...

Nice house!!!! What a fun weekend:) I need the background on your new names!

Shannon said...

OK - I thought you were Terry? What is with the name change? :-)

Looks like such a fun weekend. Can't do dinner this Monday because I will be in Waco. Let's plan for the following week! Sound good?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Keith and Stacey both have their hands folded so nicely on the table at Glorias? Very funny!!!

The Penuels said...

Alli and David Penuel just had a laugh fest.

Stacey said...

What fun! That video is cracking me up...I'm so glad you captured the moment to share with the rest of us!

shannonmichaelis said...

so fun! and i still laughed at the video. makes me want to plan a couples weekend this summer.