Monday, March 23, 2009

A change of pace

Wyatt spent three days last week in the country with Nannie and I got to have some great one on one time with Stacey. We had a blast but he sure missed his brother. Since I feel like some of the most common phrases that I say during a normal day at our house (as well as other more long winded speeches that I'll spare you) include:
  • Get off him.
  • We do not hit!
  • Would you like to be treated like that?
  • Are you being kind to your brother?
  • You have to take turns!
  • It's his turn!
  • You'll have a turn in a minute!
  • No that is not "yours"
  • Gentle!
  • Your head is not a weapon!
So, in the absence of the referee role I usually get to play it was nice to hear III saying things like:
  • I sure do miss Wyatt.
  • Maybe we can do this again and Wyatt can come.
  • Do you think Wyatt is home yet?
  • I sure wish Wyatt could be here.
  • When is Wyatt going to be home?
Boys, they really do love each other.


Wendi Junod said...

Hilarious and precious! How great for you and III. I can't tell you how similar our vocabulary is on a daily basis. Can you imagine having 4 boys? Crazy! Love the carwash...Brooks loves to do that too! Cheap fun entertainment.

Self Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! such sweet friends.

Woodbury Family said...

So cute! We had fun with Wyatt, but missed III :)

Kylie said...

It's good to know someone else says those same things every day! Granted one of mine is a girl, but she sure is TOUGH!