Friday, December 5, 2008


Now that I am back to Dallas, missing Lila (that post is next), here are some fun pics from our Thanksgiving. On Thursday we had a relaxing day at the Smith's. Nannie (Stacey's Mom) had a turkey cookie craft for Stacey. He called them Thanksgiving roosters :)Beautiful

On Friday we headed to Houston and had some great time with my family. This is Honey (my Mom) and Stacey making Thanksgiving roosters out of a tracing of their hands. Our boys are so lucky to have such creative grandparents!!

On Sat. the Wood's joined us in Houston and we had our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious, but in retrospect, probably not the best idea to host a large dinner with four kids under 5 at the home of the sister who is about to give birth!! Somehow Kacey managed to set a beautiful table in the midst of the chaos, which included III puking all over me and the couch about an hour before dinner and a pan of gourmet macaroni hitting the kitchen floor before we got to taste it. Good Times!!!!

I have SO much to be thankful for and while I wouldn't have minded a quiet dinner with adults while my children were cared for on another planet by our nonexistent Nanny, I know how blessed I am to have my two turkeys and I wouldn't trade em for the world :)


angie said...

love those 2 roosters-:)

Jen Lewis said...

I am SO impressed by her thanksgiving decorations. To be 9 months pregnant, that is ridiculous!