Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...


I was equally confused. About thirty minutes after I had put Stacey down to bed he peaked his head around the corner in the living room with a sweet little smile on his face and said, "Um, Mommy, for Christmas I want a camera and a firetruck and stairs." Now lest you think my child is um, greedy, he rarely has an answer for what do you want for Christmas, but we saw Santa today. We didn't sit in his lap and take a picture see him, but we were at the mall and saw him and I told him we'd have to come back to see Santa (when the boys weren't wearing orange and camo) and he could tell him what he wanted for Christmas. So, I guess he had been thinking on it.

Me: Stairs??
Stacey: Yes, stairs, you know like you climb the stairs
Me: Well, that might be a little tricky, what made you think about stairs?
Stacey: You know in Kung Fu Panda when he comes down the stairs?
Me: Oh yes, at his house?
Stacey: Yes.
Me: Well, I think usually you have to have another story in your house to have stairs, like you walk up the stairs to go to the next level or down the stairs, but our house just has one level, so we don't have stairs, but those are some great ideas.
Stacey: OK so for Christmas I want a camera and a firetruck and st...well I guess not stairs.

Way to crush those dreams Mom!!!! If anyone sees some stairs at Toys R Us let me know...and apparently we're going to need to add a firetruck to the shopping list. :)


Wendi Junod said...

I absolutely remember wanting a house with stairs when I was little!! That is too cute. What camera are you getting III? That is one of Brooks' wishes too? Can't wait to hear about the Santa photo. It won't be peaceful for us but its a must.

Chrys and Mike said...

I remember wanting stairs when I was little, too. I wanted to live at the apartments down the street from my folks' house. Because the apartments had stairs.

Tell III that he can have our stairs. I'd be happy to get rid of them! They're not nearly as wonderful as I had always dreamed they would be.


angie said...

Yeah! I've got the firetruck covered!!! Unless Mark and GP want to get some plywood together for stairs. How precious! I would like to take the kids together to see Santa if you're interesed in that at all?!?