Monday, December 15, 2008

All Aboard the Polar Express!!!

Several months ago the Smith's told us to set aside December 14th for a little Christmas sussy. None of us knew what were were going to be doing, but we kept the day free and yesterday was the big reveal. We met over at our house at 1:00 and headed out to an undisclosed location. In the car they told us we were going to ride the the Polar Express!!! The boys were thrilled when we pulled up and saw a real TRAIN!!!
After exploring the tracks and eating some dinner it was time to put on their jammies and get on board! Here we are anxiously waiting.
Brylie Ruth was showing some big love to her cousins!!
The boys were pretty excited about the train ride. Wyatt kept saying Tane Choo Choo.

Here are Nannie and Big with their the three musketeers.

Once we were off hot chocolate and Santa candies were served. Yummy!!!

After the story was read (for those of you not familiar, a little boy rides the Polar Express to the North Pole where he meets Santa and is given a special bell from his sleigh. Only those that believe can heat it ring) we sang Christmas Carols and then we finally arrived at THE NORTH POLE!! Texas style of course, no snow :)

Then Santa made his way through all the train cars to visit each passenger and give them their special bell. My picture of Stacey with Santa does not do his excitement justice. He embraced him without hesitation. I may add a few more later from other cameras, needless to say this adventure was well documented.

When I put Wyatt in his car seat to head home, he stuck out his best pouty lip and said, "Bye Bye Tane, Bye Bye Tane." It was a VERY fun family outing with all of the Smith's and we are so thankful for Big and Nannie's creativity and surprises. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas memory that will not soon be forgotten!!


Self Family said...

So fun Caryn!!! a REAL train for sure and Santa - I can only imagine the boys excitement. What a treat!!

Wendi Junod said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous! That is amazing! What a fun treat! I would love that and obviously the boys would too!! Great pictures. How fun! Gotta love the g-parents!

angie said...

how fun! I bet they were so excited:)

Kylie said...

That is awesome! Hudson would LOVE that. He's recently discovered the movie Polar Express (which he called Polar bear express) and wants to watch all the time!
I'm excited for your family, to get such a nice treat!

Miranda said...

that is so fun. I heard that it was coming to the Palestine. I would have loved to take my niece and nephew but I think that they are still alittle young. But it would hav been fun non the less..

Katy said...

Oh I can see Stacey's excitement in that pic! That is the cutest thing! We've got to come up for that sometime!