Friday, December 5, 2008

Aunt Cary!!

Is there anything sweeter than the birth of a new baby?? I don't think so! Here we are in the waiting room. After several walks and several books he finally decided to peace out for a little siesta. Over all Wyatt did quite well spending the day in the waiting room. I sent III back to Dallas with Stacey since he had been a little sick. Everyone thought Ally (my niece) and Wyatt were twins, somehow I got home without a pic of the two of them, but they were two peas in a pod.
Ryan was the real superstar in the waiting room! She's HERE!!!! This is Josh bringing out Lila's first of many pictures. I absolutely LOVE this incredible moment when the proud Dad gets to share the news that his daughter (or son in some cases) is here and she is perfect!!! Praise the Lord, what a miracle!!!
And perfect, is just the word to describe this little girl!
I love you so much Lila!!
Wyatt, meet your cousin! He was very curious and wanted to stay close to Liiiiiila and Kakey
Lila Lou, you're too precious, and that hair!! I could eat her up!!
Doll baby!!!
Kacey is a natural and such an AMAZING mother. What beauties, both Lila and Kacey!! I am so proud of my baby sister!!!!


angie said...

oh i wish we lived next door...really i do!!! sweet pist from a super sweet sister!

angie said...

that post NOT pist...honestly no spell check is a killer!!!!!