Monday, July 22, 2013

Celebration of Aunt Margaret

After our long weekend at the Lake we headed to Kerville to meet up with some extended family for a memorial honoring Aunt Margaret. Aunt Margaret is Grandma E's (Stacey's grandmother - his Dad's Mom) sister. They were two peas in a pod and after Grandma E passed away our time with Aunt Margaret was even more precious. She was a second grandmother for sure and followed this blog keeping up with us and keeping us in the loop regarding her family.

She passed away about a year ago and her two sons coordinated a memorial and reunion of sorts. They did a great job and we really enjoyed meeting Aunt Margaret's grand kids - who I have heard about for years but never met!!

On our way we stopped by the Alamo Springs Cafe for lunch. This spot is in the middle of nowhere but was DELISH!!

After everyone shared some sweet words about Aunt Margaret (I am just assuming they were sweet because I was trying to keep these two monkeys quiet, an exercise in insanity, while sweating to what I really thought might be my death) we headed up to a the house for swimming and dinner.
This was a home that Aunt Margaret actually lived in many years ago on a BEAUTIFUL piece for property and the current owners graciously let us gather there for the evening.

 The whole gang. I just kept thinking how much Aunt Margaret would have LOVED to have been there with everyone.
 Little bits running free.
We stayed in a hotel that night and Nannie insisted that we stay in their room and they would stay with the kids in ours.  I tried to refuse but my hubs wisely agreed to their generous offer and apparently we missed out on a rough night with this stinker as he refused to sleep. You'd never know it seeing him innocently enjoy his breakfast in bed.

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