Monday, July 22, 2013

July 4th 2013

We had a GREAT fourth of July weekend with my family at lake LBJ. There just isn't anywhere else I'd rather celebrate this fun holiday. :)

Patriotic times four!
 All the kids helping GP put out flags.

 This is the life!

 10 for perfect cannonball form
 GP bought a paddle board this year and we have all had fun trying it out.
The Cs prefer to ride the airplane, just like this, on solid ground.
 Real daredevil. ;)
 Babies on board

 I'm sure Atheta will be calling any day now. ;)
 Honey, and some more fourth flare for the dock.
 Stacey III mastered the easy ski again...only a few tears in the process.
You can see Crew is on the decline to not feeling to great here. Wyatt had a bug before we left and I was so worried that we would have to bail. Thankfully he rallied and was 24 hours symptom free before our plans to leave. Unfortunately the bug was not done. While the Cs just had fever one day and not much else when we returned home it hit everyone pretty hard. :( But, for the most part the actual time at the lake was not affected.
 Caroline partying solo. I could watch her all day.
 GP and James Wright getting some quality time. Dad is such a great baby snuggler. :)
 The neighbors had an even better version!

 This girly girl is not afraid of a little lizard!
Aunt Kacey made an AWESOME red white and blue cake - yummy! Yes, she is the one with a newborn at home? but somehow managed to whip this up - SUPERMommy!!

 These two just LOVE it when I say, "Let's get on our red white a blue and take a few pictures!" ;)
Not too crabby (minus my Pocahontas hair). :)

Looking back at these pictures I can tell the Cs aren't feeling just great. :(
The Warrens

 My love love
My love love

Mother Boy 2013, Super cool to match your MOM right...??? Not so much.
 After a few pictures and a yummy dinner we were off to watch the fireworks from the water.

 The next few days were more of the same good stuff.


 I mean!!!!!
 We made some Sprite Popsicles with gummy savers inside, fun Pinterest idea!
 Love this picture of Stacey jumping in trying to give his Daddy a hi-five on the way down.
 Mission Accomplished!
 My Mom's birthday is July 5th so in traditional fashion we celebrated together at the lake.

James Wright

Honey and 9 or her 10 grandbabies (Brady was home sick ;( boo!)
 Special note, Crew and Coyt are NOT crying in a group shot, please lets all do the happy dance.
 Crew even offered up some sweet love for the birthday girl. :)
 Josh (SUPERDad) and the lovely ladies.
 Big boys turn!
 The grownups played a little poker one night, wanted to document our super random "chips".
THE MAT belongs to the Kriers a few houses down but our kiddos LOVE it and always ask to go down and play. Thankfully they are gracious and don't mind all the extra minnows at their dock.

Man oh man do I love me a long lake weekend!!

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