Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

Stacey's first grade class hosted a sweet Mother's Day Tea. They sang the sweetest song about all their Mommies do for them: cook, clean, drive, doctor, teach, preach, etc. and then put props on this stack with each verse. 

I LOVED it and had to fight off a few tears just listening to there sweet words. Just what I needed for Mother's Day!!
My alpha who made me a mommy.
And my awesome Mommy!
I was given some sweet gifts, including this key chain personalized with our initials,
and these sweet notes/pictures.

The decorations - hand made of course!
I tried to upload a few short videos of Stacey's parts in the song??

Then as if that wasn't enough Wyatt  brought me a hand made creation that I will treasure always!!

WOW! thanks buddy, I can think of no better reason to be loved by you. And don't I know I need his grace and mercy in motherhood every stinkin' day!!
On the real day we celebrated at Honey and GP's and Nana was in town for the festivities too!! 

Four generations!
All the grand kids with their grandmother and great grandmother, shocker Crew is crying.
My picture perfect posse! :) Let's be honest picture perfect is really overrated...not that we'd know...but I hear it's for the birds.
I was reading a little bible study on Eve the week of Mother's Day. Can you even imagine being the first Mother? So thankful I have had so many incredible women go before me and walk along side me modeling for me what a great Mother looks like!

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