Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taste of The Wild

A Taste of the Wild is our school's annual fundraiser (formerly A Taste of Honey). Sadly, Wy-Guy ran fever the day of the event so Daddy hung back with the sicky, and the twins - because if leaving the wonder twins back home is an option then you better believe we are going to take advantage. Sorry twinies I love ya, but you are C-R-A-Z-Y. 

This little man was an angel.

Two of my beautiful nieces, Ally and Lila.
  Grandma, Mark's Mom, but my kids call her Grandma too, and Honey.
 The Warrens
 The Woods
It was now time for the singers.  This year the K-7th all sang together and it was AWESOME.  They sang"Learning to be the Light", by Newworldson and It was SO good.  Amazing words being sung from those sweet mouths. After cracking up just moments before at the preK kids busting a move, I quickly switched gears and had tears in my eyes at the amazing truth these kids were singing. 

 Heather helping with the auction
 I enjoyed a night out with my Stacey III.  
Big and Nannie made it too and were the proud winners of some auction items! They are awesome and such great supporters of WCS.
Tuckered out from too much fun.
The team did a great job with the event and I think everyone had a great night.
Thanks for the pictures Angie.

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