Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddy's real birthday was up next and so we planned a family super bowl get together to celebrate. Shelley and the kids were in town and Big, Nannie and Sarah all stopped in on Sunday on the way back from Austin. 

This year Stacey created a wish list on Amazon and then sent it out to everyone. I was a little sceptical at first because it seemed like you were registering for your birthday, which is actually exactly what you are doing, but, it turned out to be AWESOME because instead of gift cards or guessing sizes and what he might like there was a list of lots of specific things that he wanted at all different price points and with Amazon Prime most could be here in two days with no shipping charges. 

The whole family jumped on board so the week leading up to the big day was fun too with lots of packages arriving.

I had just gotten my broken camera lens replaced, thank you Big and Nannie for that early birthday gift, so I was fired up to take some pictures.

I embraced the shipping boxes as suitable wrapping paper.
 Stacey and Wyatt both perused the list and picked out something that they wanted to give Daddy. Another amazon plus, shopping at home with those two hoodlums.

Brylie and Truett made Uncle Stacey these awesome collages full of items that made them think of him or that they thought he would like. Brylie's was hilarious, but SO sweet. Nothing says Uncle Stacey like Olivia Newton John, Tequila, puppies and dinosaurs.
 Sweet love from III.
 Lots of excited helpers. Stacey III picked out a duck call.

And Wyatt picked a new sleeping bag from the list. He described the picture he drew as "Me and Daddy standing over my present shaking hands." We reenacted it...cause we're real formal and they "shake hands" a lot. Sweet boy, priceless.
 Boxes, fun at any age I guess.

 New pillow

 Lots of party guests
 Shelley is learning guitar and just our luck "Happy Birthday" is her bread and butter.
 Eclair birthday cake, per the honorees request, good choice.
 Mom and Dad came by to celebrate too..I just missed Dad planting one on Stacey's cheek.
 The gifts just kept on coming. Big loaded this one up, ready for action.
 Enjoying some party food.
 The next day was Stacey's real birthday and another package had arrived, he was spoiled.
 Occupants for the pop up blind were not hard to find.
 Happy Birthday Stacey we love you so much and are thankful for all of your 37 years.

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